What Parents Say

Parents tell us time and again of the impacts they see in their children’s lives . . . but don’t take our word for it, read a few of the testimonials below.

“It has been such a blessing to have a Big Brother for Justin. Even in these few months we can notice his self-esteem improving and his outlook on the world as being not such a scary place after all.” – A Grandmom

“When Kevin came into my son’s life, it was the difference from night to day.” – A Mom

“What started as a walk around the mall 11 years ago grew into a bond that helped my daughter become the wonderful woman she is today.” – A Mom

“I’m so grateful for our Big Brother in my kid’s life. I always felt bad because my kids never had anyone to do anything with. Since Courtney has been in my son’s life, I see so many changes in my son. Oh…the excitement in my son’s eyes when Courtney comes to pick him up…I’m so overwhelmed.  Brian will have the chance to do things I never dreamed of…he goes golfing, to baseball games. I never expected to get as much out of this program as I did.” – A Mom

“I’ve seen tons of impact on my son.  He used to be so shy…now I call him my little comedian.  He’s now not afraid to tell me he loves me in front of other people.” – A Mom

“The “BIG” has been wonderful for my son.  He talks to him when his grades are down…or when he gets into fights.  It really helps because my son just listens to him in a way he won’t with me.” – A Parent

“I know it’s helped my son…because he talks with him about things he can’t talk with Mommy about.” – A Mom

“Her Big Sister really helped her confidence…she’s a different person than when she started.”- A Dad

“She takes her to events that I would never take her to…like jazz concerts. I feel good about that…that she’s exposed.” – A Mom

“I think her Big Sister has made her more of a concrete person. She’s real successful…and they do all these things I’ve never done with her… so I think it’s made my daughter want more things in life.” – A Mom

“Laverne (the BIG) helped me to get involved with my kids again…helped show me how to talk with them.  And Laverne tells me… ‘I’ve learned so much from you’…we love her…she’s like family.” – A Parent

“I feel great about it. Now she can do the things I couldn’t do because I was too tired.” – A Grandparent

“I knew I needed some kind of support…because it’s just me doing everything.” – A Parent