Why do you support Big Brothers Big Sisters?

I have a passion for helping and teaching young people, which is why BBBS’s mission resonates so much with me. From organizing sports for children in the neighborhood I grew up in, to my time in the military mentoring young Marines who recently graduated high school and boot camp, serving young people has been a calling. The work that BBBS does to create and cultivate mentoring relationships for children that need it most both inspires and motivates me to support their mission in any way I can.

Who was your biggest mentor growing up and how did they shape who you are today?

My older brother was my biggest mentor growing up. We did everything together – from sports and summer jobs to community service and the occasional youthful disobedience. He also excelled in academics, was captain of his soccer teams, and class president in high school, providing a model for the type of person I wanted to be. I learned so much from my brother over the years, including the meaning of hard work and perseverance, leadership and confidence, and most of all, selflessness and caring for others.