Volunteer FAQs

Being a Big Q&A:

1. Who can be a Big?
Anyone can be a mentor. It is about starting a consistent friendship and inspiring positive change to empower children to believe they can achieve their dreams.
Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Make at least a one-year commitment to the program
  • Meet with your Little Brother/Little Sister at least 2 times a month for 2-4 hours each time (Site-Based is 1 hour a week during the 9-month school year)
  • Possess a valid social security number, driver’s license and current car insurance
  • Have a safe driving record (no DUIs within the past three years; no more than two moving violations in the past year)
  • Never been convicted of a felony
  • No illegal drug use currently or within the last twelve months

2. What types of Programs are there to choose from?
Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County provides one-to-one mentoring through three umbrellas of programming: (1) Community-based Mentoring, (2) Site-based Mentoring, and (3) Workplace-based Mentoring. Across programs, the foundational model remains the same: one child (“Little”) is intentionally “matched” with an adult volunteer (“Big”) in a long-term, professionally supported mentoring relationship. Please visit our Programs page for more information on our specialized programs and initiatives.

3. I am interested in becoming a Big. What are the next steps?
If there are Littles waiting in your area, attend a one-hour Volunteer Info Session.

4. What happens after the Info Session?

You will be contacted to set up an in-person interview. Your interview will help our staff better understand your personalities, preferences and interests. We then:

  • Conduct a background + DMV check
    • Contact your references
    • Have professional staff guide you step-by-step

5. When do I get matched with my new Little Brother or Sister?

Once a match is found, and you, the child and parent approve, you will then:

  • Meet your new Little and his/her family with a trained agency staff member
  • Meet your Match Support Specialist
    • Receive ongoing mentor training opportunities
    • Connect to other Big Brothers and Big Sisters in our SD Bigs Family through networking events and match events

Volunteering just a few hours a month with a child can start something amazing. So why not apply to be a Big today. There are kids out there ready to get started. Are you?

Still have questions? Please call (858) 536-4900 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.