Mentoring Enhancements

Helping our youth achieve their Biggest Possible Potential.

To prepare our youth for a bigger, brighter future, BBBS and its strategic partners provide college and workforce preparation workshops and experiences, as well as soft skill development and coaching, open to all teenage Littles. The goal is to prepare and support post-high school Littles (Graduate Littles) to and through their post-secondary years in one of three paths, which we call the three E’s:

    1. Enrolling in college/trade school
    2. Enlisting in the military
    3. Employment in a path toward high-wage industry

BBBS also wants to see our children live a healthier future, by collaborating with community partners to provide physical and mental well-being enrichment activities and workshops open to BBBS San Diego youth and mentors. This includes no-cost workshops on health, behavior and resilience topics, group physical activities, enrichment and support and improved access to resources in conjunction with community partnerships.

BBBS proudly partners with Pro Kids Golf Academy, The Boxing Club, Mesa Rim & Fitness Center, East County YMCAs, Biking Buddies and the Kroc Center for both physical and socio-emotional wellness opportunities for our Littles.