Why do you support BBBS?

I believe in mentorship and building long-term relationships.  I have benefitted from having so many cheerleaders, advisors, and mentors throughout my life.  It is one small way I can give back.

Who served as a mentor to you growing up?

Right after law school, I had the privilege of clerking for a Federal District Court Judge named Irma E. Gonzalez.  That year, I learned a lot about the law, but even more about life.  Judge Gonzalez taught me the many qualities that go into good lawyering—being prepared, being courteous to everyone, proofreading your briefs, and showing up early.  But she also taught me the importance of family, of work-life balance, and of making sure to take care of myself even (perhaps especially) during the most stressful of times.  She has been a mentor for the past 17 years.  I still go to her for advice, and I feel so blessed to have her as a role model.