26 Nov
  • By Katie Shadrick

Bigs – Essential Workers

A BIG thank you to our everyday essential workers who volunteer as Big Brothers and Big Sisters in San Diego County.
We are grateful for your commitment to your Littles and our community!

Amanda (Julie) – Childcare Provider

Antonio – Fire Fighter

Atavia- Medical Professional

Bernice – Childcare Provider

Bianca – Military Personnel

Christine Walker -Delivery

Courtney – Military Psychologist

Curtis – Respiratory Therapy

David – Police Officer

Graham  – Nurse

Gwendolyn  – Hospital Children’s Care Coordinator

James – Law Enforcement

Jerrlyn – Deputy Sheriff

Joseph – Maintenance Company

Juan  -Firefighter

Judy – Deputy Sheriff

Kara -Medical Field Katrina  – Nurse

Luis – Sheriff

Mat  – Medical Worker Physical Therapy

Melissa – Police Officer

Nathan – Police Officer

Randy – Fire Engineer 

Rasheed – Social Worker

Ron Carter -Medical Field

Ryan – Deputy Sheriff

Sarah -Military Housing Specialist

Taja – Medical Field

Taylor – Teacher/Instructor

Vesta – Teacher

Victoria – Social Worker

Yashveer  -Medical Field

Yvonne – Medical Worker- Respiratory Therapist

Zoe  – Nurse

Zhengran – Physician

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