Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards becoming a “Big”!

The Big Brothers Big Sisters mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth. But we can’t do that without incredible people like you!

First, let’s confirm eligibility!

Volunteers must be:

+ 18 years of age or older
+ Pass a background check (includes military history. Those dishonorably discharged are not eligible for our programs)
+ Have a valid drivers license, car insurance and social security number
+ Commit to one year in the program
+ Live in San Diego County

Wondering what being a “Big” is all about?

Being a “Big” involves committing to spending time with your “Little”. We ask that you connect with your Little at least twice a month, for at least two hours each time, for a minimum of a year. Being a “Big” isn’t about grand gestures or expensive activities; it’s about the simple joy of spending quality time and building connection with your “Little”.

So who are the “Littles”?

“Littles” are children and teenagers, aged 7 to 18 from various backgrounds, including 57% from single-parent homes, 16% from military families (learn more about Operation Bigs here), and 9% with an incarcerated parent. Currently, there are over 220 “Littles” waiting for a “Big” like you in San Diego County. Each and every waiting “Little” has expressed excitement about being matched and is ready to find their perfect “Big”!

Ready to get started? It takes LITTLE to be BIG!

Get to know us better! Watch this 6-minute video to learn more about our programs and the many ways we’re here to support your mentoring journey! (please note: this step is required before proceeding)

Tell us a bit about you! Fill out this brief questionnaire so we can help guide you to next steps!

Once we’ve collected your application materials, we’ll contact you to schedule a time to connect to get to know you even better, ensuring we have the information we need to make the perfect match for you.

This is the BEST step! Get matched with your “Little”!

Once you’re matched…

Big Brothers Big Sisters offers regular match outing opportunities, post-high school readiness support, as well as health and wellness opportunities. We also provide ongoing guidance (with monthly check-ins), answer questions, offer tools, and oversee the development of your match. We’re here to support you and your “Little” on this journey!

We are deeply committed to everyone’s safety. By requiring regular contact with the agency, our team ensures every party in the match (parent/guardian, child and volunteer) feel comfortable, safe and equipped with the tools they need to succeed and thrive in their relationship.

Did you know?

Research shows that “Littles” with “Bigs” feel better prepared to achieve their goals, make decisions and graduate High School. And all it takes to see these incredible outcomes is a bit of time and a lot of heart!

Questions? Ready to get started?

Get started today by completing the steps above or by contacting Gabriel Lopez, Customer Relations Specialist.