Every year, Big Brothers Big Sisters recognizes outstanding volunteers who have gone above and beyond as mentors. They each have distinct stories and serve as advocates for the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission.

It is our honor to introduce the 2022 Big of the Year finalists and winners!


Alexis Marsh | Big Sister to Amairani since 2016

I absolutely hit the jackpot with Alexis as having her as my big. She has shown me that finding yourself and finding what makes you happy is not always a linear and straightforward path. She is such a genuine person who always encourages me and guides me through problems that I have encountered. I hope she knows that I will be forever grateful for her support and kindness because it has made all the difference to me. Her perseverance, positivity and enthusiasm are just a few qualities that will continue to inspire me.
– Little Sister Amairani

Anke Hartung | Big Sister to Kaylee since 2018

Anke is sweet, kind, funny, and lovable. She is very supportive, and always makes time to hang out with me. She always listens to what I have to say whether it be something serious, emotional, or hilarious. Every time I’m with her it’s always an adventure. I love her comedy and her seriousness. She gives me so much inspiration.
– Little Sister Kaylee

Barbara Loftsgard | Big Sister to Maddie since 2017

Barbara lights up a room when she walks in it and has a contagious laugh. Without Barbra, my life would be very different. She gives me good guidance, she has helped me make big decisions for school and work. I know we will continue to remain sisters for the rest of our lives.
– Little Sister Maddie

Katie McKee | Big Sister to Peter since 2019

Operation Bigs – Big Sister of the Year

Ms. Katie is an overall amazing person. She always finds time to hang out with me either virtually or in person and always has different activities in which we can have fun. One of my favorite memories with her is when I taught her how to play wall ball but no matter what we do it’s always fun. Ms. Katie is the COOLEST Big Sister and I am so lucky she’s my “SISTER”.
– Little Brother Peter

Mary Gafner | Big Sister to Trista since 2019

Mary is humble, she is resilient, she is kind. Me and Mary talk about all kinds of things, whether it be about my personal life, her life, or the life around us. With an open mindset, Mary truly listens to what I have to say and offers support and guidance. With Mary by my side over these past few years, I’ve noticed a change in myself. I am now more confident in myself, and have motivation to be more adventurous. Mary has been my inspiration to try and enjoy the most out of this world.
– Little Sister Trista

Monica Fox | Big Sister to Jessica since 2017

Community Mentoring – Big Sister of the Year

Monica is a kind, caring, bubbly, passionate, charming, supportive, and soft-spoken woman. When life gets rough, she is always willing to listen and lend a hand for advice. Monica is really everything you could ever ask for to ask as a sister. I am so blessed, overjoyed and eternally grateful to call her my sister.
– Little Sister Jessica



Carlos Gracia | Big Brother to Eduardo since 2016

Hermandad – Big Brother of the Year

Carlos is the most positive, good, and honest person l have ever met. He has given me helpful advice and always supports me. Carlos is funny and fun. He never gives up on me. He is a caring and positive brother. He is the best big brother that I have never had.
– Little Brother Eduardo

Chris Rangel | Big Brother to Aaron since 2018

I feel lucky to have my Big Brother Chris because he inspires me to be my best self. Whenever we spend time together, he encourages me and asks me about how I am doing. This means a lot to me. Thank you, Big Brother Chris for being a great brother to me and a good person!
– Little Brother Aaron

Chuck Schmidt | Big Brother to Sheldon since 2014

Community Mentoring – Big Brother of the Year

Chuck is a special person in my life, he does anything and everything for me. He has influenced my life in a great way by teaching and guiding me, I don’t know where I would be without him being a special part of my life.
– Little Brother Sheldon

David Preston | Big Brother to Alberto since 2019

I really enjoy when we go out and play and talk. Before I met David, I was shy but now I talk more. He motivates me to do better. I feel very happy to hangout with him. I like that he is very nice and listens to me when I talk about my favorite topic, sports, and he understands me. My Big Brother has also helped me with school and has encouraged me to do well and do my best everyday.
– Little Brother Alberto

Tim Chelling | Big Brother to Christofer since 2017

Operation Bigs – Big Brother of the Year

Me and Tim have been “Little” and “Big” brothers for five or so years. In this time, I have changed drastically as a person, both physically and mentally in the most positive ways possible, with Tim playing a large part in that for many years of my childhood. Tim is like a grandfather, or an uncle, or a very special family member who is so gracious and nice.
– Little Brother Christofer

Will Kaner | Big Brother to Malik since 2020

I appreciate that Will understands me. He’s easy to talk to. He’s just cool. I like his personality. I’m so thankful to have Will as my Big. He’s the best role model and I hope my younger brother and sister look up to me like I do Will!
– Little Brother Malik



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