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What is Sports Bigs?
The mission of Sports Bigs remains the same as all of the programs at Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County: to improve the lives of children by creating and supporting one-to-one mentoring relationships with proven results. Sports Bigs provides special opportunities for adults to help build mentoring friendships and model good sportsmanship, which provides the opportunity for children to experience sporting and recreational events that were once out of reach. This is a program for sports enthusiasts ready, willing, and able to volunteer as a mentor. Participating and learning about sports teaches life skills, goal setting, character, and good sportsmanship.

What about the Sports?
A “match” – the volunteer mentor and child – in the Sports Bigs program will have an opportunity to attend and participate in a wide variety of sports and exercise activities and events. Sports Bigs matches will have access to the following:

  • Tickets to professional sporting events during the year, including college levels, as available
  • Quarterly sports/health clinics and agency Big and Little match sports tournaments
  • Access to community sporting opportunities
  • Ideas for low/no cost participatory Big/Little sports activities and information on best San Diego sports spots

Sport Bigs matches will also be exposed to:

  • BBBS’ regular match activities
  • Health, fitness and wellness programming
  • Character and leadership development

*All tickets must be utilized by only Bigs and Littles and the match must attend the event together. Tickets cannot be exchanged or substituted.

Who can become a Sports Big?
Men and women, who are at least 18 years old, can be Sports Bigs. Waiting boys have the greatest need for Big Brothers, so this program has been designed to engage primarily men of all ages and backgrounds in mind. Volunteers who are Sports Bigs will have opportunities to attend at least one spectator sporting event and one sports-related participatory activity each month.

What is the cost of Sports Bigs?
We often receive free tickets to sporting and recreational events, but cannot guarantee that all events will be free all the time. Our goal is to strive to provide free sporting opportunties and discounted rates will often be available.

What kind of support does Big Brothers Big Sisters give?
Volunteers for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Sports Bigs program will experience our professional match management. We will…

  • Screen and interview all volunteers.
  • Provide training for approved volunteers, and make compatible 1:1 matches with Littles who share the love of sports.
  • Provide a professional Match Support Specialist to support each Big and Little throughout the life of the match, assisting the Big and the Little in developing a strong bond and relationship to maximize the positive impacts of mentoring for the child and overall match experience for all.
  • Communicate with you through emails, our website and postal mail regarding upcoming activities. Your Match Support Specialist will also be in regular contact with you to monitor the healthy development of your match relationship and to answer your questions.

What are the requirements to become a Sports Bigs?
Volunteers who are Sports Bigs will be matched to Littles who are currently on the waiting list for a mentor. Many have been waiting for a year or more.

  • We ask Sports Bigs to volunteer for at least one year, attending and/or participating in a sporting activity two times a month.
  • Like all Community-Based matches, Sports Bigs mentors will pick up their Littles and transport them to events and activities and back home again.
  • Sports Bigs mentors will adhere to the same application process and pass all background screenings required of all Community-Based volunteers, as well as follow all agency policies and guidelines.

What if I am already a Big? How can I get involved?
Sports Bigs is a program created to fill a critical need – getting children (particularly boys) off our waiting list!

  • Existing Bigs are encouraged to refer new volunteers for the Sports Bigs program.
  • Existing Bigs and Littles may also choose to attend any Sports Bigs events/activities, with the understanding that tickets may not always be available due to limited quantities, based on a first come-first serve basis.

What are the steps to becoming a Sports Big?
Mentoring works… we have boys waiting and a menu of sporting activities ready to get you started having fun in your match! Getting started is easy…

Becoming a volunteer in our Sports Big Program!
Make a donation to support our programs!

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