My “Little Sister” Experience

By Evelyne Macias

I would like to tell you all about my experience being a Little Sister in the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Being Katie’s little sister has given me the chance to have new experiences and try new things. Katie took me to my first movie in a theater. She took me to different restaurants to try Japanese, Chinese, and Italian food. I had never ice skated or gone to a tea party before and those were two of my favorite things I have ever done. We also like to do artwork together and be creative. We painted shoes, made a treasure box for all special mementos, and we are making a scrapbook of all of our experiences. We also like to cook quesadillas together. I love celebrating holidays with Katie because we always do something special and exciting. Our first date together we went to Sea Port Village for a picnic and watched the sunset. Now, for every anniversary we decided to go back to Sea Port Village to celebrate. A few of my other favorite times with Katie were going to Disneyland, an IMAX movie at Balboa Park, and going for bike rides. But the ULTIMATE experience I have ever had was being in Katie’s WEDDING!!! I was very happy to be a special part of her happy moment and I also like to wear flowers in my hair and wear a green dress. I had fun meeting Katie’s friends and dancing at the reception. It meant a lot to me to be included in Katie’s wedding.

Being in this program has changed my life. Before I was with Katie I always wanted a Big Sister. I was lonely because I didn’t have any girlfriends in my neighborhood. I thought my little sister Erika was really lucky because she had me. Since I met Katie, I am more sure of myself, more confident, less shy, I have made more friends, I am happier, I have more fun, I get to experience and learn new things, and my English has improved because Katie reads books with me. She is the BEST BIG SISTER I ALWAYS WANTED.

I encourage all of you to get involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters because this experience has changed my life and you can really make a difference in the lives of other children like me.

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