Announcing our 2018 Bigs of the Year

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Every day, mentors play a vital role in broadening horizons for youth. This year’s distinguished mentors or “Bigs of the Year” will be recognized at our 10th Annual Phil’s Big BBQ at the Ballpark on Sunday, July 29th. Don’t miss it!

Community Mentoring-Big Brother +
Nomination for California Big Brother Of The Year:
Matthew MacLeod
“Moving a lot makes it hard because you don’t know anyone in the new places you go. Sometimes I went to school and didn’t talk all day or only talked to the teacher. Having a Big Brother is nice because I get to talk to him whenever I want, even if I move. It feels good to express myself to him.”
– Little Brother Angel

Community Mentoring-Big Sister
Nichoel Adams Dean
“Today, thanks to her relationship with Nichoel, Shaniya is more outgoing and talkative. Nichoel has inspired her to chase her dreams. For example, for years Shaniya wanted to pursue cheerleading and volleyball. Today, she is a cheerleader and on the school volleyball team.”
– Mother of Little Sister

Bigs in Blue-Big Sister
Geanie Franco
“She has helped me through the toughest of times through her role as my Big Sister. She’s always there when I need her. Geanie has helped me in so many ways. I don’t know how I could ever thank her for her generosity. Geanie has a special place in my heart, and I want her to know that I will graduate and I will be successful.”
– Little Sister Victoria

Hermandad-Big Sister +
Nomination for CA BSOTY:
Monette Leyva
“Ever since she came into my life seven years ago, she has helped become who I am today. I have had the privilege to see how successful she has become and that inspires me to do great things. My wish is to be seen the same way that I see Monette, as Wonder Woman. A woman who is strong and confident and who can do many things.”
– Little Sister Eduwina

Beyond School Walls-Big Sister
Anh Truong
“English is my second language. Anh was understanding and told me that she would help me, and the next session she brought pictures of the words I didn’t know. Our friendship is important to me because she never judges me and she lets me be myself.”
– Little Sister Mia

Operation Bigs-Big Brother
Rick Inghram
“Rick helps me with my homework, cheers me up if I’m sad and talks to me about things going on in my life. Wherever we go, he always makes me laugh and we always have fun. The best part of the day is going to Operation Bigs session. I wish I could go all day, every day. There is no one like Rick.”
– Little Brother Slaide

Operation Bigs-Big Sister
Jean Wilson
“My Big Sister has changed the way I see life. Jean has always followed through and found a way to maintain her schedule and relationship with me, each and every week. Over the past two and a half years, she has shown me that I’m special. She’s given me a positive outlook on life.”
– Little Sister Keiyana

School Liaison
Alexis Campos
“Her dedication to the Little Sisters and willingness to make the Beyond School Walls program successful, deserves recognition. She has been a wonderful person to work with, always going the extra mile for her students at Del Dios Academy.”
– Beyond School Walls Site Coordinator Cheryl Macias

Corporate Liaison
Kathy Kovacevich
“Kathy empowers other Bigs by encouraging their strengths and imploring them to lead a session on something they are passionate about. She uses her role as a liaison to teach her own Little Sister, Michaela, leadership skills and responsibility, while also making sure she provides one-on-one attention that is crucial to the program.”
– Beyond School Walls Site Coordinator Emily McLenachen

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